New organisation linked with Lockheed Martin aims to partner multinationals with entrepreneurs

UK Business News BDaily, shares the success of the VTC Group’s first VTC with Lockheed Martin.


Today sees the launch of the Virtual Technology Cluster (VTC) Group, an organisation which aims to assist multinational companies in attracting entrepreneurial IT companies into their supply chains.

The group, which has been established by industry experts and investors, aims to enable disruptive IT companies access to revenue opportunities through sponsors,as well as providing advice on scaling up and support from a community of academics and investors.

It follows the launch of the Lockheed Martin Virtual Technology Cluster, the first to use the VTC model, last March, which focused on cybersecurity and information communications technology and has helped over 70 SMEs so far.

The VTC Group aims to replicate the success of the Lockheed Martin VTC in helping UK SMEs across a range of sub-sectors grow and make wider connections in their relevant industries.

Commenting on the launch, Auriol Stevens, Chief Executive Officer at the VTC Group, said: “When we launched the first VTC last year, alongside Lockheed Martin, we were confident it would be a success.

“The quality of entrepreneurs, advisers and other supporters, combined with the opportunities for Members to compete for new business has meant that creating the VTC Group was an obvious next step.

“We see similar exciting opportunities and demand for VTCs in almost every sector we have researched and we will be launching the next VTC shortly.”