Haggerston Times – The Virtual Technology Cluster Group Is Set To Partner With Deloitte To Provide Digital Healthcare Start-ups Access To Firms’ Global Supply Chain

Throughout 2016, after the excitement of playing host to one of the world’s most exciting and fastest growing start-up eco-systems, London and the UK faced increasing pressure to grow these early stage, sometimes venture-capital-funded enterprises into something more substantial and permanent; “scaling-up”, however, 2016 has taught us, is never easy to do.

The biggest obstacle to growth? Almost certainly the size and resources of the competition the start-ups face; big corporates, in-particular, have become more aware of the threat posed by smaller “challenger” companies, especially within the banking and financial services sectors, but still, a few notable exceptions aside, (transferwise, Spotify, ARM Technologies?) the larger, more established companies tend to hold most of the aces.


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