Satellite Applications

  • The UK space market is worth nearly £12B per annum with an average 8.6% growth rate since 2010 and is on it’s way to £40 billion per annum by 2030.  To achieve that level of revenue, companies must create value in new markets from existing and future space platforms.  That means bringing innovative ideas for using satellite data to new consumers with new applications. 

    The VTC Group is building on it's success in cyber space to create opportunities in outer space for our member companies.  With our proven track record of bringing together the creative power of entrepreneurs and small-to-medium-sized-enterprises with the market aperture of FTSE-100 sized corporations, we can help grow your existing company or create a de novo start-up around your technology.

    The path to growth for the entrepreneur, and the solution for the corporate partner, is in the Satellite Applications Virtual Technology Cluster.

    If you would like to discuss sponsorship of the Satellite Applications VTC please contact the VTC Group directly.

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