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The Virtual Technology Cluster Group was established to enable multi-national companies to attract entrepreneurial IT companies into their supply chains. The VTC model enables disruptive technology innovators to gain access to revenue opportunities offered by industry focused cluster sponsors, advisers providing expert scale-up services and networking opportunities, and support from the Academic and Investment communities.

The VTC Model

The first application of the VTC model, the Lockheed Martin Virtual Technology Cluster, was established in January 2015 and has attracted co-sponsors such as EMC. Entirely complementary to existing Incubators, Accelerators and Clusters, the VTC model allows technology startups, SMEs and AIM PLCs to make connections and pursue opportunities within large corporate supply chains.

The Bond

A mutually valuable bond is formed when large corporates are connected to innovative VTC member companies. The large organisations gains access to the entrepreneurial energy of the VTC members who, in turn, enjoy the benefits of a dialogue with mature corporate sponsors and customers. The trading risk is reduced for both by the contribution of the professional scale-up support of the industry sponsors such as lawyers, accountants, tax advisers and business development consultants.


The Leidos VTC (formally Lockheed Martin VTC) now boasts in excess of 70 technology companies, more than 20 industry experts, and reciprocal support from Derby University, Crossword Cyber Security and Vision 2020 Network Ltd.
Commercial connections made during 2015 have led to three VTC member companies providing support to Lockheed Martin R&D activities, and
three VTC member companies supporting a recent Lockheed Martin winning bid.

This approach is revolutionary for large corporates who require access to and governance of a choreographed network of innovative technology companies.

Relevant Stats

Effective technology transfer from early stage ideas (R&D spend, Universities, entrepreneurs and innovators) to revenue generating small and medium sized enterprises and large corporates, is crucial to ensuring economic growth and job creation for the UK economy.

74% of digital businesses are based outside of London.
In 2013-2014 R&D spending in the software and internet sector increased by 16.5%
There are nearly 40,000 tech businesses in the UK employing over 1.46 million people.
The Innovation, research and technology (IRT) sector has a gross value added multiplier of 2.08. For every £1 million of GVA created in the sector itself, another £1.08 million is supported in other sectors of the UK economy.
£1.08 million
The IT sector has an employment multiplier of 2.4. For every 100 people employed in the sector itself, another 140 jobs are supported elsewhere in the economy.

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